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Zomer Brothers Trucking Refrigerated Division

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The refrigerated division at Zomer Brothers Trucking has prided itself in supplying some of the industry's best customers with excellent service, dedicated drivers, and first class equipment.

The core of our outbound business is the transportation of meat and dairy products from the Eastern Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa to South Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. We provide service of both fresh and deep frozen products and drop trailer capability at most of our main shipping points.

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Zomer Brothers Trucking is your answer for your produce transportation needs. We provide daily service from the McAllen, TX area to Minnesota and Iowa. We also provide service to the key produce shipping points of Nogales and Yuma, AZ and all of California. As a committed produce carrier, we understand the limited shelf life of your commodity and excel at time-sensitive delivery.

We have invested heavily in establishing one of the most modern fleets. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards. All trailers are air-ride, sanitary, equipped with data loggers, and have download capability. Regardless of the number of picks and drops your load requires, it will be handled in a thorough manner by our team of experienced drivers.
If your looking to ship your freight within one of our traffic lanes, please contact our office and let Zomer Brothers Trucking take care of your shipping needs.